Keranova's  ceramics exhibition and conference facility:

Here we can sit down for project discussions, surrounded by many examples of engineering ceramic components and materials. This is also where our seminars and workshops takes place. It is conveniently located close to Stockholm Arlanda International Airport.



More than one thousand ceramic components on show, covering most general types but also some uncommon ceramic materials.



We wish to thank following companies that have contributed to this nice exhibition: Ceramiques & Composites, CFI, Cirqon, Coors Ceramics, CVD Products, Dynamic-Ceramic, Eksera Technologies, Etec, Gimex Technische Keramiek, Haldenwanger, HiTech Ceramics, Hoogovens Industrial Ceramics, Ipsen Ceramics, Laserage, MicroTools, Morgan Matroc, Mycroy Ceramics, Neoceram, Neve, Porteret Beaulieu Industrie, Sandvik Coromant, Sintec Keramik, SKF, Technische Keramik Thayngen Metoxit, Tenmat, VZS-Seagoe Adv. Ceramics, Wade/A.G. Hackney,  Zircar Products plus several more. Companies in bold text have made significant contributions. (Some companies in this list have since sending samples changed name, merged, or closed operations, but we have acknowledged the companies as they were known at time of contribution.)

Contributing companies are always welcome to visit the exhibition, please contact us for arrangements.

Additional samples of ceramic components to our exhibition are most welcome!

In particular we appreciate parts with complex geometries and such used for consumer products. Reject parts are OK as it gives an excellent opportunity to demonstrate and discuss the difficulties encountered in ceramics production.


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