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The Keranova advantage.

Do you want to join us in supplying fine ceramics?


We act as independent suppliers of ceramics, from some of the best producers available. As such, our customers trust that our advice is objective and that we are able to supply to our recommendations. Our customers are generally engineers, research personnel and other technologically qualified people from all areas of Norway, Sweden and Finland.


As our daily work consists of materials and design consultancy, we are involved in a continuous stream of projects and novel applications for ceramics. Additionally, we are often contacted by companies searching for lower prices, shorter delivery time or trying to find alternative ceramics. To serve all these requests in the best way, we are constantly  working to keep our supplier base amongst the best available.


To succeed with this concept, we have established co-operation with a large number of ceramic producers all over the world. In particular those who find our market area too costly to handle due to its geographical size and uneven distribution of potential customers. We are set up to serve  this market area in an effective and active way.


Our prime suppliers are very important to us. We work hard to safeguard the continued business for each selected supplier, as long as we can maintain customer satisfaction.  If our customers require better specifications or any other conditions, we primarily try to solve this with the current supplier before looking for alternative sources.


If you are producing ceramics and would like them to be included in our product portfolio please send a brief description of such ceramic components and/or materials by e-mail, and available literature for our files, by post. If you have any ceramic component samples, preferably complex or unusual, we would be happy to put them on permanent display at our exhibition facility.


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